This page is intended specifically for wholesale customers qualified to buy granola at wholesale prices.  This page is not linked to the rest of our website.

Please click on this link to see or download the pricelist:  Wholesale Pricelist.

To download a printable copy of the instructions (same as below) please click on this link:  Ordering Instructions for Wholesale Customers


Wholesale Ordering Guide (via WhatsGood or Direct through PGP)

Customer Service with Google voice: (508) 955-0747, email:



WhatsGood: is an online ordering system that allows businesses to source locally produced ingredients and products.  It may be preferable to ordering directly since you can buy from many producers in one online market. Learn more at

1.     Open an account at their website.  It’s easy and you’ll have immediate access, but may not be available in all states.  Go to the purveyors tab and connect with Providence Granola Project.

2.     As soon as we accept your request to connect, you can see our products and can place an order.  We will then approve these orders for delivery.


3.     Prices do NOT include delivery/shipping—so these will be added to your final invoice.

4.     If you order large quantities, our actual prices (see pricelist) might be slightly lower than what you see on the WhatsGood website.


5.     For now, invoicing will be the same process we are currently using for direct orders. WhatsGood hopes to release a credit card system of payment later this summer.

6.     When we receive an order we will send you a draft invoice so that you know your order is received and is in our pipeline.  (Only first time customers need pay this invoice.)

7.     As soon as we’ve calculated shipping and printed postage, you will receive a revised and completed invoice.  We accept checks or credit card.  The email with your invoice will have a link that permits payment by credit card.

8.     If you are local we will deliver in person for a flat fee of $6; otherwise we use USPS Priority.  For large quantities we will mail by UPS if that is cheaper.

9.     We currently ship/deliver 2 days each week: usually Tuesdays and Fridays

10.  Since this is a new ordering venue for us, please do feel free to contact usat with questions/concerns. 


1.     Unless we already know you, we require payment before sending your first order.  To expedite service, pay the draft invoice.  We will send a separate invoice for shipping.

2.     Our customer service number is: (508) 955-0747. Since many of our employees are English language learners, be patient and speak slowly.

3.     If a question isn’t resolved quickly, call Keith at 401-871-8471 or email


To Order Directly From Us

Direct:  If you’d prefer not to work with WhatsGood, you can also just order direct by email.  Orders need to be sent by email—we need the documentation to prevent errors.

1.     See our pricelist for prices. Questions: call or email customer service.

2.     Order by email to with DIRECT ORDER in the subject line.  (This is email repository for ORDERS only; not customer service.)

3.     The invoicing and delivery is the same as above.


TO Order Via FarmFresh (LOCAL ONLY)

Farmfresh RI offers a local delivery system called Market Mobile that serves mostly RI but also the Boston area.  Learn more at  The Market Mobile system permits ordering smaller quantities and consolidates orders from multiple vendors.

1.     Open an account at their website and find out if they can deliver to you or if it works for you to pick it up.

2.     Order on the site.

3.     Prices include an 18% fee for distribution, so this is incorporated into our prices.

4.     Deliveries are on Tuesday and Thursday.