Keith and Geoff

have been friends for twenty years, ever since they worked together leading a leadership team through a campus ministry at Brown University.

Keith grew up in various countries in southeast Asia and Africa and moved to Rhode Island in 1989. He has a background in teaching and a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing (fiction). His interest in refugee employment developed out of five years coordinating the education program for refugees at the International Institute of Rhode Island.

Geoff grew up in Mystic, Connecticut. He spent six years supervising campus ministries on 7 campuses in Rhode Island before attending Bryant University's MBA program. Along with co-owning the Providence Granola project, he owns and operates Photobooth Planet.

Aside from artisan granola and refugees Geoff and Keith share a wide range of of interests including Ray Lamontagne, Korean food, cheese, children, Dylan, Rhode Island beaches, oysters, late-night movies, macbooks, scotch, Ethiopian food, Thai food (okay—we admit it—most food) grilling, gardening, keeping their old houses from falling apart, social entrepreneurship, business incubation, photography... and okay, you get the idea. The big perk for us in running this business is that we get to work together.

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Geoff and Keith