Current Employees

We typically hire about four refugees at time. Our goal is to provide a first job and then stick with employees until they can move on to appropriate jobs elsewhere. Typically this lasts between one and six months. Most are hired for one shift (about 7 hours) per week while they continue English classes at the International Institute of Rhode Island.

On occasion, when an employee has a higher level of English and demonstrates an ability to take on new challenges within our company, we try to design higher-level roles for them in deliveries, customer service, sales, packaging, data management, kitchen management, or training of new employees. This usually involves more long-term employment and up to 20 hours per week (often while working a part-time job elsewhere).

You can read some of their stories below.

If you are a hiring manager and considering employing a refugee, you are welcome to contact us and we can refer you to any of our current employees. You may also contact the job developer at the International Institute.